1998 - 2011

Barking Shepherds Casio v. Kudos was our first Belgian Shepherd. He was a lovely dog who gave us many good years. Unfortunately he was hit by a car at a young age, and lost his hearing. However, he lived many years as a lovely family dog. He was never a big show dog, but to us he was a darling and it was a great loss when he passed away.


1988 - 1999

Duke was our first male dog, and second samojed. He was a large and lovely teddybear, who was loved and loved most people. He was not a particular good working dog, but he was a nice example of the breed, and at the World Dog Show in Copenhagen in 1988 he was second best male in Junior class - even though he had a few flaws. All in all he was a lovely dog, who took up the challenge of being "big brother" to our first belgian, Casio, even though he did not have the same level of activity.


1986 - 1997

Abbi was our first dog together. She grew to be a very large and firm female, but we were very happy with her anyway. She was never a big show dog or working dog, but was a very nice family dog at home.