About us

We are Jan and Stine and live on a nice property in the beautiful Thy, Denmark, surrounded by sea, fjord, fields and dune. Here we live with our two lovely belgian shepherds Kenzo and Indy, and our little cat named Mis (or "The Queen").

We have owned and worked with dogs since we bought our first samojeddog together in 1985. It was a female named Helis Abbi, and in 1988 we bought a male named Helis Duke. In 1986 Stine began on a beginnerscourse in DCH Sydthy (obedience) and was followed in 1988 by Jan and Duke. However, we soon discovered that our samojeddogs were not very fit for grand obedience and we started thinking about finding a new breed when the samojeds were gone. It was first in 1997 when Abbi past away we became serious about our thoughts. We had two conditions for our next breed: It had to be as beautiful as the samojed, but also an excellent workingdog for obedience and so forth. We went through a lot of breeds the following time, but none was really what we where looking for. Suddenly one night in a TV-show on Danish television, called "Hund og Hund imellem" ("Between dog and dog"), a contestant was a groenendael, and we were sold.

The following time we looked through a lot of litterature about the groenendael and the Belgian shepherd and we were more and more convinced that this was the right breed for us. The 27th may 1998 we brought home our first groenendael, Barking Sheperds Casio v. Kudos. Casio was from good show- and workinglines and proved himself to be a very intelligent dog. Before two years Jan and Casio was in DCH B-program. Unfortunately destiny is tricky. Shortly before christmas 2000, Jan forgot to close the port and Casio ran out onto the road and was hit by a car. He ran on and we, family, and friends spend the entire night searching for him. Next morning we found him 15 km from our home, apparently unharmed. After som years we noticed he no longer responded very well to our commands, and we had him tested at a veterenarian with a specialty in hearinginjuries. Here we discovered that Casio was deaf on one ear and almost on the other ear as well. That was the end of his obedience-career. He lived the rest of his life as an amazing family dog and was a great companion for our daughter. In March 2011 he was worn out, and at thirteen years old he was put to sleep.

The 26th of June 2011 we went to Maribo, Denmark, to take home our new little pup, Couer-Ami Ulysses Blue (Kenzo). Kenzo was bought as a working dog, but we wanted to try just one show. At his first show he was third best male, after to champions, and got his first certificat. Since then he has become Danish champion and has recieved many CACs and only needs a working certificat to become Czech campion. Kenzo is also used for obidience-sport, and together with Jan they do a lot of work i DCH (Danish Civil Dogsport) with tracking as the main area. Now they only need to get the last of the obedience to set before they are ready for the big competitions.

In 2013 on Kenzo's two years birthday we drove to Prague in Czech Republic to bring home our female Indy (Indiana Black Z Kovarny). Indy is from a intervariant parring with some of Z Kovarny's best dogs. Stine wanted to use Indy for agility, but unfortunately Stine has, among other things, bad knees, and Indy is therefore competing in DCH's obedienceprogram instead, which is good, since she is a very work-eager dog!

More on Indy and Kenzo on their sites.

In the soon to be 30 years we have been members of DCH Sydthy, Jan has completed two studies as an instruktor in dog training and further studies, which enables him to teach other instruktors. Every year he teaches upcomming instruktors. Besides that, Jan has also had great responsibilities in his 25 years as member of DCH Sydthy, and has been chairman of the club for a time.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any further questions about us or our dogs. :)